Initiatives with 3  farms

VIET LOTUS is a company that has just younger production. Madam Kyoko went to Vietnam in 2014. Madam Kyoko herself alone, without any consultant, went to meet with the local Vietnamese around some gardens, factories and companies, then contract with gardens and factories that she had decided. I was lost communication with the Vietnamese staffs, and she'd been crying for many days.

ヴィエット ロータスまだ若い会社です。マダムキョウコ は、2014年にベトナムに渡りました。コンサルタントなど頼らず 数々の農園・加工場・会社をまわり現地のベトナム人とマダムキョウコは一人で向き合い、ここだと決めた農園・加工場と契約。ベトナ人スタッフとのコミュニケーションもままならず、涙する日も数えられないくらいございました

I'm only passion is to make delicious, good products that will help improving health and beauty. The difference of nationalities will continue for a while. I was does not want to get used to it, so I do not have any compromise and this is OK, so I make strict products and good stuff ... 


22 years since cacao was brought to Vietnam! The photo shows the great Mr. Puong who brought cacao to Vietnam for the first time. Mr. Khan of VIET LOTUS investment contract farm.


The picture with the Vietnamese family was smiling then, but from the responsible person in the processing of cashew nuts, "Madam is too strict. I want to cancel the contract!" How many times have I been told. There are various struggles and episodes that will make you long if you speak.


Macadamia nuts's farm is a 5-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. A farm in an alpine area with good air. We are particular about red soil and make it completely pesticide-free.
マカダミアナッツの農園は、ホーチミン市から車で5時間です。 空気の良い高山地域の農場。 私たちは赤い土にこだわり、完全に無農薬にしています。

VIET LOTUS wants to revitalize the farm by making excellent products, selling and wholesale to the world, and planting and investing.


We will do our best to create a rich plantation and clean processing factory. We will manage farms with rich feelings and make goods products together.