President CEO / Founder

代表取締役社長 / 創設者ごあいさつ

15 JANUARY 2024

Dear customers and related parties,

Thank you for visiting our Homepage.


We have offices in Japan and overseas.

With "Design Your Food and Life" in mind, we produce safe, delicious, and healthy foods. From 2021, we also started to propose fashion items that make your life more enjoyable.


In 2023, we will expand sales channels for the Black Thunder series by signing a sales agency agreement in Vietnam with YURAKU CONFECTIONERY, a famous Japanese sweets manufacturer.


Another big sales contract is that we will become the licensee and manufacture and sell Sanrio Kitty products, which are famous all over the world, in Vietnam, where there are still not many products available.

We make and sell dreamy chocolates, sweets, drinks, and bags that include collaboration with Vietnam.

We have been preparing since 2023. It's a new start from here.

This is a very exciting sale. Please find Kitty products manufactured by VIET LOTUS in Vietnam.


Fortunately, our first physical store in Japan will open at the end of April 2024. We will make full use of the skills we have cultivated overseas and advance from Vietnam to Japan. We will do our best to increase the number of fans of VIET LOTUS.


Managing a company in Japan and Vietnam is really difficult due to cultural differences. Although, there are stimulation and discoveries every day.

As a way for us to face Vietnam, we will continue to invest and tree-planting in farms in Vietnam. We will also continue to carry out fair trade and contributions. 


My management philosophy:

We are a company with customers, producers, manufacturers and business partners, and we will never forget that we are growing. We do not rely solely on feelings, but by combining data analysis, data utilization, and experience, we always think about more effective marketing and grow.

We are a company that always has an antenna and moves forward, with the first priority being to value food and make life more enjoyable and prosperous.


Our future vision is...

``We want to bring out the potential of our employees and extend their potential.'' We want to operate a company where people can work with a sense of ambition and have fun, and we want to be a ``youthful company'' that always pursues trends and has information. We aim to be a diverse and sustainable company that removes the boundaries of race, gender, able-bodied people, and disabled people.


I would like to thank all our customers, all concerned, and all our staff. 

Your sincerely,



President CEO / Founder



親愛なる お客様、関係各所 皆様








そしてもう一つ大きな販売契約として、世界中で有名なSanrio Kittyの商品がまだ少ないベトナムに於いて、弊社がライセンシーとなり、商品を製造販売致します。









日本とベトナムで会社を経営するのは文化の違いから本当に難しいです。 とはいえ、毎日刺激と発見があります。

私たちはベトナムと向き合う手段として、今後もベトナムの農園への投資と植樹を続けていきます。 今後もフェアトレードを継続していきます。













代表取締役社長 / 創設者

 中 村  恭 子



 "Design Your Food and Life" 



 We make and deliver "delicious" and "nice"

from Vietnam and Japan.

 私たちは ベトナム と 日本 から