madam Kyoko

Beginning & Reason

きっかけ&理由 2014 

“Why did you start this job?” People ask me. The answer is... Because there was delicious cashew nuts "with skin"!! 

I started this job with a passion for spreading the wonderful cacao, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts from Vietnam to the world.

なぜこの仕事を始めたのですか? 皆様に聞かれます。その答えは・・・そこに美味しい皮付きカシューナッツがあったから!ベトナムの素晴らしいカカオ・カシューナッツ・マカダミアナッツを広めたい一心からスタート致しました。



Madam Kyoko, the representative, has 7 years of experience as a buyer at trading company for clothing in Japan and overseas. 

Due to other 7 years of experiences of presiding over a cooking class as a chef, a Rakuten recipe ambassador, and an advisor for restaurants, there was an offer from a Vietnamese company, I decided to go to Vietnam for the first time.


Get culture shock

カルチャーショック 2014

On the first day at a conference in Vietnam in August 2014, there were some tea and cashew nuts harvested in Vietnam on the table. When I ate them, shock waves like a flash of lightning streaked into me!  I got a culture shock by liveliness of Vietnam and the taste of cashew nuts.


Inspiration & Action

奮起そして行動 2014

Since I impressed by cashew nuts in Vietnam, I could barely sit still, and decided to fly to Vietnam again in September. 

This time, I took enough time to visit many plantations of cashew nuts, coconuts, mangoes, bananas, jackfruits, and in the end to the cacao plantation.

カシューナッツに感動して、居ても立ってもいられず、翌月の9月に再びベトナムへ。時間をかけてさまざまな農場を回りました。 カシューナッツ、ココナッツ、マンゴー、バナナ、ジャックフルーツ、最後にカカオ農園にたどり着きました。

Prepare carefully

慎重に準備 2015

Without any assistance of consultants, I visited many plantations, factories and companies with my own feet. Because I met local people all alone, it was difficult to communicate with Vietnamese local staff, and it took me 1 year to make a contract with plantations and factories. The first year of preparing to start a business was very hard.

コンサルタントに頼らずに、多くの農場、加工工場、企業を訪問しました。ベトナムの地元の人たちだけに会い、農場や工房と契約するのに1年かかりました。ベトナム人スタッフとのコミュニケーションは困難でした。 起業準備の1年は非常に大変でした。

Founding of company

会社設立 2015

I started a business with a small investment, and VIET LOTUS was established on 24 September 2015. To start this business, I needed to lean a lot about import procedures, Customs inspection, and tariffs. By buying some saplings, seeds and trees, I continue invest in plantations.

Little by little, VIET LOTUS started exporting cacao, chocolate, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts to Japan.

私は少しのお金を投資し起業致しました。2015年9月24日にVIET LOTUSを設立しました。輸入手続き、検査、関税について多くのことを学びました。苗木と種を買い、農園に投資しました。カカオ、チョコレート、カシューナッツ、マカダミアナッツを少しずつ日本に輸出し始めました。

Tears & Laughte

泣いて笑って 2015

Sometimes, I was confused by the difference in their national character and way of thinking. Although I am smiling on this picture, looking back, so many hardship stories until now. 



協力 2015

We produce delicious and healthy confectionary. Regardless of nationality or way of thinking, we always discuss about uncompromised confectionary making. We always cooperate, work hard and continue to move on.


Start exporting to Japan in 2016


In 2016, we started seasonal limited sale at department stores in Japan, and got more opportunities to attend events like Valentine's Day. Our products can be bought at well-known stores. Twice a month, limited sale at Department stores all over Japan.


Starting of retail wholesale in 2017


As a private brand, we started to expand our brand to hotels in Vietnam, Japan and overseas, famous national chain stores, and resorts.


Opening of 1st shop in overseas

海外1号店オープン 25/Sep./2018 

VIET LOTUS opened the 1st shop in overseas at Takashimaya Vietnam Ho Chi Minh on September 25, 2018.

VIET LOTUS直営一号店を2018年9月25日にホーチミンタカシマヤにオープン

Wholesale overseas

海外卸売 January/2019

We started wholesale at hotels in Vietnam

It became the first step to expand our brand to overseas marketing channels.


4th Anniversary

4周年記念 24,25/Sep./2019

On September 24, 2019, VIET LOTUS celebrated its 4th anniversary. Also, on September 25, 2019, our shop in Ho Chi Minh city celebrated its 1st anniversary.



Contribution & improvement

貢献と向上 2020

VIET LOTUS will grow even further, and will deliver safe and truly good ingredients and products from Vietnam to the world. 

VIET LOTUSはさらに成長し、安心で良い原材料と商品をベトナムから世界にお届けします。 

We go to the next step!
to be continued・・・